About Us

This is the Story of Two Women and a Dream.

The two women are named Gail and Karol. The Dream is this restaurant, High Tides at Snack Jack.

Truth is, the dream was originally built way back in 1950 and was called Snack Jack for about a gazillion years. Or at least as long as anybody around here can remember. Right from the start, this was the kind of place surfers hung out. Real surfers, with wooden boards and cut-off dungarees. Real men who liked to get wet and stay that way.

Why did they come to Snack Jack? Three reasons: because Snack Jack had great food, friendly service, and there was this big blue lake out back with all these cool waves on it. Are we lying? Just look out the window.
Of course, all this was long before the two women (Gail & Karol, remember) were actually born, but that’s beside the point.
The dream really took shape back in the fall of ’90. It all began with Gail & Karol cruising along the Blue Ridge Parkway taking in the crisp October breezes and splashy splendor of fall in the mountains.

Suddenly, Karol turned to Gail (or Gail turned to Karol – nobody can really remember…but bear with us) and said, “Hey, Gail, why don’t we open this great restaurant on the beach. You know, sun, surf, great food, fun people.” And Gail looked at Karol and said, “This is so weird, I was just thinking the same thing.” Weird, indeed, how the thought of opening a surf side restaurant can occur to two people simultaneously while vacationing in the mountains is, in fact, one of the great mysteries of the Twentieth Century.

But there you go. And here you are. High Tides at Snack Jack. And just think, it all turned out just like they said it would – sun, surf, great food, fun people.

Some dream, huh?